Voovix Creators

VooVix is the social media site that pays you what you deserve!
Would you prefer to interact with your friends for free or get paid have the same interactions? It’s a relatively simple concept. Most of us, if we had the option, wouldn’t object to receiving money for our social media posting efforts. People will always opt to get paid whenever and wherever possible. VooVix  is the first  digital platform that allows you to build an audience, interact with the audience via original videos, images, and audio. 50% of the revenue generated from your channel will yours to keep. A social media network that pays you to use it? Yes... For the Facebook fanatics and Pinterest lovers out there, that sounds like a dream.

Well, guess what?

VooVix is a network built from the idea that social media users are essentially today's generation of independent publishers. Each day, we create original content for our network of friends and family members, and curate exceptional content from around the web for our audience. The sites we use for these activities earn millions from advertisers eager to place their messages directly on our digital doorsteps. In other words, we are the product. We create the value and the sites we are using collect the paychecks for our efforts. VooVix wants to change that arrangement. Your popularity should be rewarded.

VooVix is the better alternative!

How it works ?

  1. You register and set up your own VooVix Channel

  2. Start uploading videos, pictures, and audio

  3. Share with your family, friends, and social network

  4. Once your channel becomes popular, it is pitched by the VooVix team to 50,000 of the world's most successful brands

  5. Any brands who choose to advertise on your channel, you will recieve 50% of what they pay for advertising on your videos and channel

What's the catch?

Well, none...! Think about what social media platform you posted on today or in the past few days. What was the catch? Maybe none, but i can gurantee you did'nt get paid or there is no opportunity to get paid in the future. So, being on VooVix opens a whole new opportunity by providing you with the value that is needed to become successful.