Anurag Kashyap: How I Broke Into Bollywood And Made It Big!


11 months ago

  • Internationally acclaimed Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap talks about his journey into films. When he entered the industry, he had neither connections nor money. He was an anonymous boy in his 20s in a cut-throat environment, with an unconventional view on films. The only was he could survive was to adapt. He was forced to look for new pathways, and today he is credited with breakthroughs in film making, casting, marketing, and distribution. Movies like Gangs Of Wasseypur, DevD, Black Friday, Bombay Velvet, Gulaal, Ugly have been made by this now stalwart of Bollywood movies in India.nnJosh Talks collects and curates the most inspiring stories of India and provides a platform to showcase them. Speakers from diverse backgrounds are invited to share their stories, highlighting the challenges they overcame, on their journey to success and realizing their true calling. This talks was recorded at Josh Talks LEAP 2016.n nWe release new talks every week, SUBSCRIBE to our channel and press the bell icon to never miss an update from us:

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