E4 Taking New York - Vlog Ep.3

  • Casting my thoughts on the start of E4's brand new reality series "Taking New York".nnMusic - Change by Mapeinitunes.apple.com/gb/album/change-single/id894307264nnFor more aimless ramblings:nnFollow me on TWITTER: twitter.com/fulljonnynelsonnnSUBSCRIBE (Somehow...there's probably a button for that)nnor contact nElena@red24management.comn(she's lovely)nnnWhat is this?nnOccasional YouTube is to be the home of TV, Video, bearded Sue Perkins lookalike, Capital FM Presenter, Jonny Nelson.nnNot his actual home, but a place on the internet, where he may share the odd thing or two.nnI don't know why I'm typing in third person, I am Jonny Nelson, and it's not like I'm important enough to have someone do this for me.nnThis is where's I'll be Vlogging, podcasting, and whatever else I decide to do that's too unprofessional to attach to a meaningful brand or business, so expect mostly hastily papered together attempts at humour, ranting and web-based social intercourse.nnIf there's a film, TV show or topic you want me to talk about, just subscribe, make a comment, tweet, or hunt me down and stalk me where I live. I'm open to ideas, as this could go any which way.

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