British "Funny Woman" laughs off stereotypes


11 months ago

  • Stand-up comedy has traditionally been perceived as a male dominated arena, but if you attend an open mic night in London this weekend, you're more likely to find a fairly even gender balance on the bill as more women take centre stage. But while more women are entering the profession, many female comedians still report hearing the line "Women aren't funny" at comedy clubs.nnThis sort of generalization persists despite the long history of funny women who have graced the screen and stage such as Lucille Ball, Joan Rivers, French and Saunders, Rosanne Barr and more recently Tina Fey and Sarah Millican.nnWe spoke to Elf Lyons, a 22-year-old finalist in this year's Funny Women competition. Elf hopes to dismantle the stereotype that "women aren't funny".

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