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11 months ago

  • Terrifying Creature Under The SeannSea Monsters: Prehistoric Predators of the Deep is the companion book to the Sea Monsters TV series. This exciting book depicts Nigel's adventures in the 7 deadliest seas of all times, from the mighty pliosaur Liopleurodon to the sea scorpion Megalograptus. In the USA it was titled Chased By Sea Monsters: Prehistoric Predators of the Deep.nnIt first launched in Hong Kong on January 1, 2006. The channel later launched in the United Kingdom, Turkey, Ireland, Romania, India, Vietnam, and Poland replacing the now defunct Adventure One. The channel remains the world's first bilingual wildlife service, available in English and Cantonese in the Hong Kong market as well as Tagalog in The Philippines. The channel launched in Latin America on November 1, 2009 as a high definition channel. In 2010, it launched in the United States.nn nRead and watch out more on these sources:nSource: goo.gl/T8RocinSource: youtu.be/3zqL_9iuBA4n nFind out more about documentary and documentariesnalso documentaries 2017 on our channel that share videos from bbc documentary, national geographic,pds documentary, You can also read: Time Existance,Documentary,documentaries,national geographic,bbc documentary.nThis is the source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWwFplqErc4

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