Shahrukh Khan interview 2017 | TED Talks | Best Motivational Video in Hindi of India | SRK

  • He is an actor, producer, television presenter and a businessman. nForbes called him the most powerful actor in Bollywood and one of the most bankable star worldwide.nWith 14 Filmfare awards and over 23 endorsement brands he is worth six hundred million dollars.nHe is king khan, Shahrukh Khan and here are his top 20 secrets of success. nnnLet us know you liked the video by leaving a comment, pressing the like button!nnPlease SUBSCRIBE.nnJoin our Newsletter for more success secrets! Be ambitiousn2. Practice gratituden3. Try hardn4. Live in the momentn5. Apply logic to your workn6. It's okay to be scared of failuren7. Go mad about somethingn8. Don't miss opportunitiesn9. Success comes at a costn10. Life is not measured by its lengthn11. Give your best shotn12. Education is importantn13. Give people reasons to love youn14. Never give upn15. Don't compete.. Dominate!n16. Do what you liken17. Treat every chance like it's your first and lastn18. Do not underestimate yourselfn19. Connect with workn20. Success cannot be taughtnnnCONNECT WITH US:nFacebook: for watching.!

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