SHIFT: Organic Panic Documentary

  • What does “organic” really mean? Should you eat it? And why does it cost more at the grocery store? Available on YouTube and TELUS Optik TV ► Subscribe nnIn this documentary, we take a closer look at the organic food debate through the dirtiest fruits in North America: the apple. We interview an organic apple farmer and a conventional apple farmer to find out how they farm and what sort of chemicals they use to grow our food. We also talk to a toxicologist and a UN sustainability consultant to find out just how dangerous pesticides are to our health. nnProduced with support of TELUS.nnCREDITS:nHosts: Steve Adams, Sean HorlornDirector/Producer/Writer: Steve Adams, Sean HorlornDOP: Bjorn HermannesnCamera Operators: Bjorn Hermannes, Sean CoxnProduction Assistant: Morgan StrugnEditors: Shaun RykissnColour: Scott McKenzienOriginal Music: Jeff CancadenPost-Production Sound: Miguel Araujo, Jamie Bell

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