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  • Verse 1:rnIt's a cold, cold world, when friends become enemies.rnEnemies are frenemies, all you have to do is stay ,rndriving through the tunnel, urging all my family to keep their eyes firmly rnon the prize. Whatever, the price? I made it my mission to come back in this withrnhardcore precision. I remember the night, they tried to get rid of me, i guess theyrnthought they got me when things came falling down.rnrnChorus...rnVerse 2:rnTears came running, rnnews reporting,rngossips kept coming. One sick move, in one sick second, rnone sick guy almost , killed an entire 10 years struggle,rn10 years of passion, hardwork, UMA's almost got locked downrnin 10 few seconds.rn10 few seconds... ?? my name became plastered acrossrnthe entire nation in 10 few seconds. rnEveryone departed, as the world reported, blamed me for the wrongsrnfor another retarded , so i started to build my come back, left behindrnthe past to massively attack and this time is personal,rnwe take sh..t global, taking no prisoners, working in alliance with Godrnas my reliance, so i rap defiant , understand the spirit and the soul is defiant.rnrnChorus..rnVerse 3:rnSo , i looked to the left never saw the right,rnthe one person, who always on my side, was Godrnwho sent an angel to help me through the pain, the stain, rnthat try to curtail, the detail of my retail empire,rncalling me a liar, when everyone is looking up for the next hero,rnwhile he is sitting in his car on his way to Heathrow,rnleaving you behind like Linford Christie, rntie up your laces, or run through the races,rnso many faces, London faces a population trend really going crazy,rnnot enough jobs, for you to feed your baby and maybe , baby still havingrnbaby . Same old story, trying to get by.. Man ah living deep on a portion chips,rnMan ah living deep on a portion of chips.

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